2018 Major Street Style Trends

Each year brings with it new trends in art, design and fashion, and 2018 is no different. While most fashion trends tend to look absurd and impossible for the regular man on the street to wear, some are actually quite cool and totally relatable.

Check out below the top 5 street style trends we’d totally recommend you try out this year.

  1. Neutral Gear

While wearing neutral colors from head to toe might sound bland and more than just a little unappealing, the trendsetters at this year’s shows have proven otherwise. A variety of street style influencers were often seen in ivory or magnolia ensembles that made them look equally smooth and creamy, stylistically speaking of course.

The key to making neutral colors work is to wear different tones of the same color. For example, combining camel with off-white and coffee will look much more pleasing than a full-on beige outfit. For the best results, pair a lighter shade top with darker bottoms for an appealing contrast.

  1. Color Coat

Gone are the days when winter was considered a time for drab garb that reflected the season’s weather. As they say, ‘orange is the new black’ and nowhere was this statement more visible than on the street corners of the world’s fashion capitals this season. Influencers of all kinds rocked up in bright outer wear that gave an immediate boost to the dark winter tones.

That said, it’s always a good idea to keep your outerwear simple in structure, even if you’re going for bold colors. For instance, bomber jackets, classic coats, trench coats and worker jackets are the perfect fail-safe frame in which to display your bright colors. Also make sure that you only incorporate one vibrantly colored item per outfit. After all, you don’t want to end up looking like a washed-up clown, do you? For the best results, opt for colors that stand out without hurting the eyes, like burgundy, burnt orange and forest green for example.

  1. Check Mate

Checks are currently all the rage in fashion circles right now, and can either be incorporated in small doses through accessories, or as a full-on coordinated ensemble that includes pants, shirts, scarves and coats. Granted, a full-on check is quite a bold move but it’s a great way to add texture and volume to any look.

  1. Military Honors

While the bomber jacket has risen through the ranks over the years to become an official wardrobe staple, it’s not until recently that stylists took note of other military-inspired attire. This season saw the rather strong return of camo accents, military over coats and flight jackets, all of which had the color khaki in common, the ever-present staple of most military ensembles.

To achieve this look, you can either pair one military-inspired item with your normal everyday wear, for example, a flight jacket with a basic white tee, black jeans and sneakers. Or you can go all out and G.I. Joe your look with cargo pants, a military overcoat, rugged boots - the whole nine yards!

  1. Hoodies

Hoodies are a winter staple no matter what year it is, but they had fallen in popularity in previous seasons due to the prevalence of more tailored street style. The good news is that this comfortable sportswear item is back this year, and can be paired with more tailored items like overcoats for example. Not only will you still look structured and stylish, but you’ll definitely stand out in all the right ways. Just make sure to stick to muted tones all round and only combine complimentary colors.