Timeless Retro Stripe Pants

With the ever-growing popularity of athleisure attire, this is a great time to go retro in the seventies style by wearing sporty retro stripe pants.

You don’t need to dig deep into your wardrobe to give a new meaning to the almost cliché phrase “the old is the latest new” when you can sport side stripe pants with a colorful top. It’s all about the reinvention of the classic 70s style. Keep in mind that retro has never meant old fashioned but classic or timeless. That’s the statement you accurately express adorned in timeless retro pants.

You may be one of those who judge side stripe pants as being too sporty but you can wear them and still retain your elegant extravagant look. Nevertheless, retro stripe pants still look great as casual wear or when you head to the gym. These side stripe pants have made their way into mainstream fashion thanks to the growing dominance of athleisure-inspired attire on the market. It’s not uncommon to catch a glimpse of these retro pants sported by elegant men and women in offices and workplaces.


The pants are comfortable enough to allow you to kick back or run with maximum freedom. They are made of 53% cotton and 47% polyester. They feature elaborate sporty stripes on the side, two front pockets, and a back welt pocket. Each comes with an elastic waist supplemented by a drawstring close. The pair of pants has straight leg hem for strength and durability and is machine washable. They are available in medium size but you can always inquire for smaller or larger sizes. Another great thing about these retro pants is its long drawstring cord which ensures a perfect safe tie for different waist sizes in the medium range. It even comes with inner ankle zippers for a perfect fit. 

The retro stripe pants are perfect for your everyday activities where comfort is a primary concern. You won’t feel as restricted in these as you would in regular tracksuit pants. They have a free, loose, and airy fit and blend perfectly with any type of top. The pants are available in a wide range of colors including navy/white, black/red, black/white, red/white, and green/white.

If you want to look stylish in a unique retro way, then go for side stripe pants. These pants are no longer the strictly casual or sporty clothing items they were known for in the bygone times. A lot has changed in the fashion world. Retro side pants are still a huge fashion trend today. They can be worn with your best shirts, jackets, and sweaters and still fit in any setting. For ladies, retro stripe pants provide a more elegant alternative to boring pencil-cut skirts and trousers worn by everyone at the office. Pair them with sexy heels and a formal top for a formal look at work. You can wear them with just about anything for casual occasions.